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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, WDS and Multicasting in Technical; Hello, Lots of thing that are not supported on 2003 work, for example the switch to delete a schedule task. ...
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    WDS and Multicasting

    Lots of thing that are not supported on 2003 work, for example the switch to delete a schedule task.
    With that in mind,
    Officially mulicasting needs a 2008 box. All we have is a 2003 box. Now we have a perfect imaging environment, including wds pushing out lite touch and MDT 2012 backing it all up. In unicast.

    Does anyone know if we can setup Multicasting? Or do we really need a 08 box?

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    You really should move to 2008 r2 or 2012. You will benefit from smb2 or 3 with 2012 as well.

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    Multicasting doesn't work on 2003 as far as I'm aware, the infrastructure isn't there within that version of WDS (no menu options for managing/configuring the multicasting or anything like that)

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