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Windows Server 2000/2003 Thread, IIS, external access and brain overload... in Technical; We're running Server 2003 and need to allow external connections to our new digital signage system. Here's the setup - ...
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    IIS, external access and brain overload...

    We're running Server 2003 and need to allow external connections to our new digital signage system.

    Here's the setup - we have a no-ip.org domain which currently has two sub-folders - /exchange which links to OWA and /portal to Engage portal.

    I want to set up a third sub-folder to allow external access to an internal IP address. I've tried setting up port forwarding in the router, to send all port 90 traffic to the internal IP. IIS is then set up with a web site to direct the traffic, but when I try this off-site I get an error saying (external IP):90 is unavailable.

    Is this possible in IIS, or am I banging my head against a wall for no reason?

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    can you not get a static IP from your internet supplier ?

    I dont have much knowledge of IIS and I dont use it for things on the internet I usually use Apache, and in Apache this could easily be achieved by adding in a Virtual Host / Directory, and then we'd just port forward and it would work aslong as the firewall is set up correctly.

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