Hi Everyone
I have research lots and try stuff but no luck so cansomeone please help me
So far I was IT Technician and took over Network managersince last year, Havenít had proper MCITP training so just messing about myselfwith stuff to learn, I know itís not best way but hoping one day head will payto go for MCITP (By the way is this the best course do to if I want to benetwork manager with full capabilities on Microsoft server? Or CCNA?)
Question 1: VPN
Wanted to setup VPN access to school network, followed lotsof online resources etc, but no luck, All I get is remote server not available,was with member server with one NIC
1. Remote and routing access service has to besetup on primary domain controller or member server will work?
2. Whatever server I used either PDC or member doesit need two Network card?
3. Internet firewall been managed by local authoritycounty do i need to ask them for necessary ports I assume to open?

Question 2: DNS
At minute all school computers loginsto say: 123reg.co.uk (my primary domain/DNA Suffix)
Now school website domain also called123reg.co.uk, so whenever I am trying to access school website in school networkit doesnít work, obviously because DNS pointing to primary domain
Is there any work around it?

I try to teachmyself lot of stuff by just fiddling with it but many times I just get annoyedand give up.
Hoping many of you been in same situation when boss donít wantto spend money for training
Any help appreciated
Many Thanks