Help this is doing my head in...

This is the problem... teacher A and B have identical laptops and logon locally to the laptop both in school and at home, recently both laptops have developed a problem with connecting to the networked printers "unable to connect access is denied" is displayed in the printer properties box. Both Windows XP Pro SP3 connecting to a server 2003 domain via a Wireless link

I have so far tried installing them as local printer with a IP address, via a separate domain print server and using a script that forces the machine to logon to the shared area as an administrator user, so far this has been the only thing that has cured it but the teachers keep forgetting to run the script and moan when they can't print.

Any other ideas?
The other 50 teacher laptops all connect via this method and work great, it's just these two that are doing my head in... :-S