Click the link below to learn how to deploy Metro Modern UI apps in Windows 8.


Windows 8 is coming REALLY SOON and of course one of the big new things to computer with that is the new Metro Packaged Apps that run in the start screen. However these apps are very different and do not install like traditional apps to a path or have a true “executable” file to launch the program. Of course enterprises need a way to control these packaged apps and therefore Microsoft has added a new feature Packaged Apps option to the AppLocker feature.

An administrator can use this feature to only allow certain apps to download from the Windows App Store and/or use it to control what inbuilt Packaged Apps are allowed to run. What I expect to see in most organisation is that the default Metro… err… Packaged Apps are manually removed from the base WIM Image before and then have these then re-enforced by AppLocker to ensure that they are not re-installed from the store.