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Windows 8 Thread, Submit Sites to be Flash Enabled in Metro IE10 in Technical; As Windows 8's metro version of Internet Explorer 10 requires flash sites to be on a compatibility list in order ...
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    Lightbulb Submit Sites to be Flash Enabled in Metro IE10

    As Windows 8's metro version of Internet Explorer 10 requires flash sites to be on a compatibility list in order to work and schools use stacks of flash getting the most used sites enabled for Windows 8 tablets would probably be handy. It turns out that you can enable a single domain at a time for testing in the registry.
    Developers can test their sites with Flash content for compatibility with Internet Explorer 10 before they submit to be considered for the CV list. To test their site for compatibility, developers can add their site to a registry setting, which allows any one site to run in Internet Explorer 10 with Flash enabled, even if it is not on the CV list.
    To test your Flash content in Internet Explorer 10, add the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Flash\DebugDomain
    where DebugDomain is a string value specifying the domain name as its data. (For example, movies.contoso.com). For example:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Flash\DebugDomain = movies.contoso.com
    After they have been tested you can submit them to an email address at MS for them to add it.
    Developers can submit their sites that they want to be included on the CV list to Microsoft via email.
    To submit your site for consideration to the CV list, email iepo@microsoft.com and include the following details:

    1. Your name, company, title, and contact information
    2. The domain you want considered (http://contoso.com/) and the specific pages containing Flash content ( http://contoso.com/video, http://contoso.com/media)
    3. The approximate unique users per month that visit the domain
    4. The capabilities your Flash content requires - see Guidelines for Flash Content in Internet Explorer 10
    5. The name and version of the SWF your site is using, including version number for third party .SWF files if appropriate (for example, videoplayer.swf v1.2 from Contoso)
    6. A list of any other plugs-ins (not Flash) your domain depends on and the specific pages containing those controls. Be aware that if your site depends on other plug-ins, users will be directed to open your site in Internet Explorer 10 for the desktop.
    7. The results of your testing of the pages listed in step two (2) of these steps — see Test Guidance and Test Cases.
    Developer guidance for websites with content for Adobe*Flash Player in Windows*8 You can also specify the use of flash in the HTML for the page to provide a prompt for metro IE10 users to view it in desktop mode instead
    Controlling the site experience

    Developers control the content they serve to browsers. Developers can send HTML5 content to Internet Explorer 10, or ensure that Internet Explorer 10 prompts users to run their site in Internet Explorer for the desktop. Developers with sites that need plug-ins can use an HTTP header or META tag to signal Internet Explorer 10 to prompt the user to switch to Internet Explorer for the desktop.
    HTTP header


    X-UA-Compatible: requiresActiveX=true

    META tag


    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="requiresActiveX=true" />

    Internet Explorer 10 detects these flags, and provides a one-touch option to switch to Internet Explorer for the desktop:
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