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Windows 8 Thread, Good tablet for windows 8 in Technical; Hi, So what's a good, but cheapish tablet to put windows 8 on for testing and stuff? Not really sure ...
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    Good tablet for windows 8


    So what's a good, but cheapish tablet to put windows 8 on for testing and stuff?
    Not really sure how I do this either since tablets generally come with own os.

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    I would speak to an Acer rep. They currently have the iconia which is a brilliant piece of hardware, we have trialed an android and win7 version and can see them being incrediable with windows 8 on. Acer education have a trial's list and as soon as they get one with win8 on it we should hopefully get it, obviously we cant just take one of their trial stock a re-image, which is a shame!

    They also have erthernet ports which means we can pxe boot and image them with MDT which is brilliant!

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    I would say the Icona W500 as well - the little AMD Fusion CPU inside it is more than a step up from any Atom processor and doesn’t have the price tag of the Intel i5s.

    Personally though I am waiting for the ARM Windows 8 tablets - so long as it gives me the ability to RDP onto our servers I will be happy (although RSAT would be nice to I don't think I should expecting it given Microsofts ways with ARM and business software).

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