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Windows 8 Thread, Windows 8 File History Feature in Technical; Windows 8 has a new feature called 'File History' and is located in the classic control panel. It looks like ...
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    Windows 8 File History Feature

    Windows 8 has a new feature called 'File History' and is located in the classic control panel. It looks like it is there to perform a similar role to Apples Time Machine although currently it only does personal files, folders and libraries.
    Currently it looks very unpolished and incomplete but I think it will play a very important role in data security for home/business users, although you do need an external drive to run it onto (I shall try connecting a virtual second drive and see if that also qualifies as a backup location) and you cannot click a button and have it backup instantly although that would be a nice feature to have on there. I'm also stumped finding out where it stores the files. I have it backing up to the office NAS but cannot find exactly where it stores the files even with 'view hidden files and folders' enabled. Does anyone know where it stores them and in what format?

    file backup.JPG

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    Looks more just like a easy way to enable Shadow Copy to me

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    Looks like they finally put a nicer interface on 2003(for network drives)/Vistas volume shadow copy. Good stuff, its about time they made it more accessable to users.

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