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Windows 8 Thread, Windows 8....urgh in Technical; Originally Posted by Davit2005 Server 2012 R2 and it's touch interface is going to drive me to installing the Core ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davit2005 View Post
    Server 2012 R2 and it's touch interface is going to drive me to installing the Core version so I don't have to see the metro interface. In actual fact I think that's what I am going to do at home to see how I get on.
    Don't see why it would. We've been running 2012 since September and we've barely noticed the Modern UI interface.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur View Post
    The people who had the biggest problem with Windows 8 were those who hadn't been using the Windows key to search for programs in Vista and 7.
    That quote you posted highlights what frustrates me about many users: why are so many people willing to click on every damn "FREE STUFF!!!" link they see, but never bother to find out what the keys they see every day do? Or ever think "I should search to see if there's a quicker way of doing task x"?

    Quote Originally Posted by sted View Post
    i disagree it looks simpler and cleaner than 7 boots quicker and for what i personally do i prefer the start screen as the stuff i use most often is there in giant blocks which can update and show me stuff. Tbh desktop mode dosent look or feel that different from 7 imo. My main issue is the stupid way of dealing with apps from an enterprise point of view
    Totally agree about the desktop. I have my (counts) 4 most commonly used items: RSS ticker - though I might set that to start with Windows, Browser (ditto), Remote Desktop and VirtualBox (hopefully soon being able to ditch that) on the taskbar. There's a handful of other items (Word, SIMS, a few others) on the "Main" Start Screen and everything else on the "everything" screen. Just Win + type if I need it, or pin items that start being used more frequently. Pupils at one school get an alphabetised list of all the programs they need on the main screen, while it's split into subject groups at another.

    Suits my way of working fine, though maybe I happen to have a method that happens to "fit". Of course it may just be that others aren't willing to try a new method to see if it will work for them...

    Plus: the aforementioned faster boot!

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    To be fair on TIFKAM, it DOES work when using a Touch-Enabled devices

    For example, I struggle to get round my server 2008 r2 servers when using Microsoft's RDP client for Android - lots of zooming needed and many mi-taps (Magnifier is a biatch when RDP'ing in over a tablet!)
    However, Win8/Server 2012 is much much easier when using the tiles!

    TIFKAM has its place - on touch enabled devices.. (or RDP'ing over a tablet)

    The implementation for tablet components in Windows 7 worked - in that it only isntalled the components if it detects touch hardware.

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    Oh yeah I was referring to the UI being used on a non-touch device, TIFKAM is ok on a touch enabled device (even on a touch screen laptop!) but I find it horrible on non-touch.

    They are different experiences that require a different UI a la OSX vs iOS.

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