Hi ,

I'm new around here so hello guys , I need some help with my Samsung Ativ X700 .
the Os installed is windows 8.1 and the user is grouped under administrators group.

somewhy , I suddenly cant copy files to c root , althogh im an administrator, i recieve this error - "a required priviledge is not held by the client " (error 0x80070522) .

I've tried all bunch of solutions .

1. turn the lever down on the UAC .
2. entered the local policy and enabled backup files and folder (which sorted this thing up for a few weeks) .
3. Enable EULA (Registry solution) and changed it to 0 , it allowed me to copy files to c root , but since then i experience multple crashes and windows is restarting by its own , so I've changed it back.
4. icalcs

what else can i do ??

moreover , if i open outlook with run as administrator , it allows me to save on c , but unables me to use babylon (it fails to run OCR tool) and it gives an error claims it cant run instant search.

I'm so close to break down and ask the user to create a folder on C and use it instead of troubleshooting this issue.

Please help .