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Windows 8 Thread, I need your opinion fast please!!!! in Technical; 8 all day long. fast, secure and tons of nice little touches you will find as you go on....
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    8 all day long. fast, secure and tons of nice little touches you will find as you go on.

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    8.1 with 7 on a hyper v vm

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    8.1 for me too.... love it long time.

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    8/8.1 all the way.. Been using it on my desktops, laptops and tablet since it was in Beta.
    Yes, it may take a little getting used to, but it's worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EduTech View Post
    but you wouldn't want to do that really would you? :-)

    I have been using Windows 8 since before it landed at GA and have never looked back, in fact I hate using Windows 7 now :-)

    Yes I would its the only way I will run it I don't have a pair of 24" touch screens on my desk and my laptop doesn't have a touch screen either, the interface is perfect for touch screens ala Windows Phone, Windows Surface and then I setup a colleagues new Dell Laptop with a touch screen and it was great on that but until everything is touch we need a no-touch way

    The start menu exists for a reason as the pants search is still pants (just less big dirty manky ones!) and the "start menu" aka click the button to bring the start screen back up still is naff. I'm more productive with a start menu and will be glad when it returns in full in the next iteration of Windows.

    8.1 as a base OS, start menu issue aside, its fine and seems good my Laptop runs nicely on it and haven't had too many issues so very happy with that and it does perform better than 7 did on it so just give us the start menu back and the world will be happy, even Apple didn't decide to do such crazy things

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