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Windows 8 Thread, Windows 8.1 Start Menu Customizations in Technical; Hi, Going through a deployment and using 8.1 on the desktops. Getting the GPOs setup now, all the standard redirection ...
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    Windows 8.1 Start Menu Customizations


    Going through a deployment and using 8.1 on the desktops. Getting the GPOs setup now, all the standard redirection stuff etc.

    One thing we can't seem to figure out is how to customize the right-click start button stuff.

    We don't want students getting into disk management and power options etc. Whilst they won't be able to do much, we would rather completely remove all these options. The only things left on that start menu would be desktop and sign out/shutdown ideally.

    Even being able to remove the run would be nice. It's disabled, but still appears there. If you click on it, the error saying it's disabled comes up, but surely there's a way to actually remove it?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Noel,

    I believe that there is a folder called WinX within the Local AppData folder of the users profile - it looks like your able to remove shortcuts from there.

    This folder doesn't appear to "Roam" with the profile, so if you've discovered that right clicking the start button on some machines the menu appears, and does nothing on others, then that's probably why!

    I'm kind of in the same situation as you at the moment deploying 8.1 around the school - I'd appreciate it if you were able to share with me your GPO's you've put together for the Win 8.1 machines - Group Policy Management, Select GPO, Select Settings Tab, Right Click and either save as HTML or Print to a PDF file if your able to?

    Many Thanks


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