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Windows 8 Thread, Windows 8 long domain log in times in Technical; This is a re-post from a problem posted last year that was never resolved. I recently installed Windows 8 on ...
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    Angry Windows 8 long domain log in times

    This is a re-post from a problem posted last year that was never resolved. I recently installed Windows 8 on 24 machines. The problem is the computers take forever to log onto the domain for first time users but all the users are first time users because we use deep freeze.

    I have disabled the 'Show first sign-in animation' GPO and enabled verbose mode. All verbose reports is "preparing windows"

    When I domain join one of these suite computers during a users first login I get the following screen

    This screen stays for a long time - I recorded 5 minutes several times.

    I don't believe this is a DNS issue because the DNS settings are the same throughout the campus and Windows 7 and XP both log in to the domain within seconds. I even updrafed 8 of the PCs to windows 8.1 to see if that would resolve the issue but it has not.

    Entirely by accident one of the students realized that if you press CTRL + ALT + DEL to interrupt the Preparing Computer screen you can then access the desktop immediately and everything is fully functional.
    This makes me think that there isn't any vital config going on during this preparing computer stage and it is probably hanging.

    Has anyone else encountered this?
    I am not sure what to do about this long login wait.


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    Just as a troubleshooting step, I'd toss a test system into an OU in AD that has minimal/no GPO's applied to it to rule out group policy processing as a possible cause. Be sure to run a gpupdate /force /boot before doing a test login with a "new" user to make sure the system is rebooting with little to no group policy processing.

    I do know that Windows 8 handles certain aspects of group policy processing differently, though I thought it was optimized to speed up login, not slow it down. IIRC, I think it does things like delay the execution of logon scripts until after logon etc.

    This may be helpful if you think that's the direction of your issues:
    What's New in Group Policy in Windows Server

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    If you don't use apps, I suggest using the powershell script that removes the apps, helps a lot. Other thing you can do is setup a default profile.

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    Agree with thegoodguy. Remove all apps from image and you should see this reduced to about 2-3 min upon first login. Future logins should be considerably faster. My new 8.1 build is down to about 1:20 for a new user to sign in for the first time.

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