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Windows 8 Thread, Disable logon for group but allow login for one user in that group in Technical; Originally Posted by themightymrp I think @ sted is on the right lines with breaking things into smaller groups. Split ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by themightymrp View Post
    I think @sted is on the right lines with breaking things into smaller groups. Split you staff laptops OU into departments, and split your member of staff into departments. Then you could just allow Maths teachers to log onto Maths laptops. The admin side of doing this is not massive and at least you can narrow down the culprits a little better.

    You could still deny student logons overall to the staff laptops using the GPO mentioned at the beginning
    i still think if it really must be one to one bitlocker and pin/usb stick is easiest as long as people turn them off and dont share pins/usb drives and even if they do leave them on person 2 can only use it until its turned off

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    Quote Originally Posted by william_tropico View Post
    I should say that we have teacher desktops in each room so the method mentioned about would not be feasible. Would take too much effort to set up every computer with access.

    Thank you,
    Unless you can do something fancy using Powershell and a CSV, but otherwise maybe something third party is required?

    I agree it's one major flaw in Active Directory and Microsoft need to add more options in this area.

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    If it is locked to the user you need a machine GPO for each staff user then apply that either with individual ou per laptop or wmi filtering on the host name per policy applied to the laptops.

    The administrators group will always be allowed through.

    We had to do this for our office machines as the teachers kept logging in and breaking them.
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