Hi I have recently upgraded 4 computers on my Network from windows 8 to 8.1. Since performing this upgrade we now have intermittent browsing and download issues. If I run speedtest.net, I appear to be only able to download and not upload.

Our set-up is as follows, we have a domain with a local dns server which forwards to the ISP DNS shoould it not be able to answer the request. We have a BT Infinity Line connected to a Draytek 2830N router Annexe A

I have tried the following......

- Different Browsers
- Setting DNS to\ and bypassing the local DNS
- netsh winsock reset
- IPCONFIG /flushdns
- Firmaware upgrade to the Draytek
- I have tried to repair install the PCs with the orignial windows 8 disk and it errors wrong disk
- I have tried to repair install from booting to th CD and I get the error Disk Locked

I have spoken to the Router company who assire me its not a router issue

I have spoken to Microsoft who assure me its not a Windows 8.1 issue and told me to turn off my apps on bootup and try again. Which I have done and the issue still persists.

My research suggests that microsoft have changed the way DNS works, but no fix is available from them.

Any ideas or fixes much appreciated. My next resort is to build from scratch again.

Kind Regards