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Windows 8 Thread, The missing WinX menu in Technical; OK, a weird one which I've kinda figured out the answer to but just wanted to know if anyone else ...
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    The missing WinX menu

    OK, a weird one which I've kinda figured out the answer to but just wanted to know if anyone else has come across it.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 and have it joined to the network. I was having an issue whereby if I right-clicked on the start menu icon at the bottom left, I wasn't getting the menu come up (the same as Windows + X). The keyboard shortcut also didn't work.

    Upon investigating I found that the WinX folder located in %userprofile%\appdata\local\Microsoft\windows wasn't there!! If I copy this folder from the Default User profile then it all works. However, when I log off and back on again the folder has disappeared??

    Currently I am using a small logon script to copy the folder over. Does anyone else experience this or have a better fix?


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    aha ive seen that (I suspect in my case its because I have a script to remove stuff from that menu I don't want kids/staff seeing and on some pcs with the same roaming profile its there other not

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    yeah i've got this in our 8/8.1 domain environment as well.
    have also had to result to a copy script to place the folder in the users directory each time they logon.

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    We saw that on our first Windows 8 deployments in a lab environment last summer. It only occurred when using roaming profiles, even if we blew away the old Windows 7 ones and started fresh on Windows 8 (building new read-only roaming profiles).

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