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Windows 8 Thread, It can't just be me.. in Technical; Originally Posted by nathan not had a single issue with 8.1 yet, updated 5 or 6 pc's too. On a ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathan View Post
    not had a single issue with 8.1 yet, updated 5 or 6 pc's too.

    On a side note: for those having issues with windows update whilst using a proxy on 2012 we had the same issue. I can't remember the command but you can set a sort of system proxy (not the ie one) and windows update seemed to work straight after doing that.

    nehsh set proxy?

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    8.1 still requires the proxy to be set manually for apps/desktop which is daft - surely a system wide proxy isn't too hard for MS to incoporate?

    But the 100% disk usage lockout that I experienced (and many others as well) seems to have lessened with 8.1 - it still shows 100% at startup but it drops soon afterwards which is what I'd expect!

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