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There are many different ways to achieve what you want. e.g.

  • Windows Key » Ph » Enter » File » Open Recent

  • Start » Charms Bar » Search » Recent

  • Windows Key + F » Recent

  • Right-click Photoshop while it is running or pinned » Recent

  • Add the 'Recent Items' folder (%AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent) to your Favourites in File Explorer

You still can. See the second and third examples listed above.
That's great for us geeks but its hardly as discoverable for novice users as it was before. The fact is that Microsoft have made it that bit more difficult for people who don't already know about these features to find them and use them.

I'm pretty much forced to use it at work because I need the RSAT tools for Windows 2012 servers on my local machine, but I am so enjoying not having to put up with its awkwardness again at home since I 'upgraded' back to Windows 7 recently.