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Windows 8 Thread, Windows RT and Java in Technical; I came back from the hols to find the staff have been given each a brand new (very cheap) Surface ...
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    Windows RT and Java

    I came back from the hols to find the staff have been given each a brand new (very cheap) Surface RT tablet. Very nice with a solid feel to them and the metro interface looks very pretty!. A couple of days later I had a complaint that the wireless is not working as they cant run Integrisg2. They get to the login screen OK but after that they just hang loading the subsequent page ... I called Integris G2 support and they advise that G2 is mainly Java. Ive googled and it seems that RT will not run Java!! Has anybody had experience of this and maybe an answer?
    Thanks in advance ..

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    Run it as a remote app / terminal server session if you cannot get Java for the RT which wouldn't surprise me.

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