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Windows 8 Thread, A *Microsoft* Office 365 Account is not a "Microsoft Account".... What the...? in Technical; The reason is because people were getting confused with their personal accounts (hotmail ect) and their work accounts. Its great ...
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    The reason is because people were getting confused with their personal accounts (hotmail ect) and their work accounts. Its great they are separate now but I see no reason why Micorosoft couldn't add the account functions to Office 365.

    They just need to sort their backend out I guess.

    Another reason to not go Surface/O365 yet.

    I'm sure the next generation will sort these problems out. Basically you've jumped to early

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    A year later and I believe this is still an issue? Has anyone heard progress on it?

    Through the course of the year, it was painfully obvious that everyone in Microsoft Education is aware of the problem, especially with the "under 13" accounts in the U.S. They said it was their most requested issue.

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    Can only hope it'll be a feature of Windows 9, the Azure AD back end is there and waiting but just needs someone at Microsoft to make it happen.

    Quite bizarre really given how much of their income is reliant on "Enterprise" products yet the worst user experience on Win8.x seems to be reserved for those who want to use Office 365 accounts exclusively!

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    The answer I got from Microsoft was to use InTune, it apparently would allow us to deploy apps without having microsoft accounts, so we wouldn't have to worry about using microsoft accounts with the children. But after signing up to the free trial, it clearly didn't offer any sort of store functionality without using microsoft accounts.

    So we are going to get the children to signup for an account. tedious.

    I agree that the dirsync to azure ad would obviously allow this sort of thing, I wouldn't mind if microsoft were first to the whole app store thing and thus we were using something untested, but they're 3rd to this idea, jeeze you'd think someone in a meeting would have suggested ad sync.

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