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Windows 8 Thread, Windows 8 UI improvements \ suggestions in Technical; Just for fun, for those using Win8 for any extended period of time what changes would you make to the ...
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    Windows 8 UI improvements \ suggestions

    Just for fun, for those using Win8 for any extended period of time what changes would you make to the UI to make it smoother \ easier to use and why?

    First one for me and something I Photoshopped up to see how it looks, Metro-ised Start Menu & Run replacement to avoid the jarring full screen shift when in desktop mode


    Second one, make the trackpad more consistent in Metro apps e.g. on the Start Screen dragging across moves tiles without needing to use scroll bars (nice) but in the Store and other apps this doesn't work and you have to hunt for the rather small and hard to see horizontal scroll bars (not nice)

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    if you say click a link in mail that opens ie when you close ie take me back to mail not metro screen
    clock permanently on start screen always in right bottom corner
    allow me to arrange tiles how i want dont only allow 2 wide when i have enough stuff there why cant i have

    x xxx x
    x x
    x xxx x
    x xxx x

    as a valid layout

    allow me to pick my own wallpaper (even if its limited to say 16 colours) all the default ones are poor
    something less jarring when switching to/from desktop mode

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