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Windows 8 Thread, Windows 8 Start Menu in Technical; Hi All, We currently have a test network set up and are playing about with Server 2012 and Windows 8, ...
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    Windows 8 Start Menu

    Hi All,

    We currently have a test network set up and are playing about with Server 2012 and Windows 8, hopefully with intention of rolling it out.

    Everything is going fine but we want to try and 'neaten up' the Start Menu in order to make it alot more user friendly for the kids. The redirect on it works perfectly fine however since it isn't the same as Windows 7, it ignored the folder structure of the application shortcuts. I can't see anything too obvious and other than building it into a mandatory profile does anyone know of a way to name and set different groups of applications on a redirected Windows 8 start menu? This would allow us to add and remove shortcuts as and when we need them, instead of a profile rebuild each time.

    All help is appreciated!

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    As I understand it (though I would love it if someone tells me otherwise!) the mandatory profile is currently the only way to do this, which is obviously a bit of a pain. Maybe MS will release something down the line that lets us control it a bit better though!

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