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Windows 8 Thread, Hmmmmmmm...... in Technical; ...
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    So...I saw that I can buy Windows 8 Pro from Microsoft for just £24.95...

    ...but then I see that the minimum specification include a screen at 1366 × 768 i.e. widescreen...

    I have to ask...what sort of idiot designs an operating system that requires a specific screen ratio?

    How hard can it be to design the system to adapt to whatever screen dimensions are available?

    Maybe I am being too critical but this does not seem like a step forward to me.

    ...oh and by the way, my wife has just been given a lovely Nokia 610 Windows phone by her employer and I have to say that I rather like it...and that does not have a widescreen so why do they insist that my desktop must have!

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    Its nothing more than the min resolution to do 'Snapping' in modern UI style applications - this allow one application to chew though 1/3 of the screen and another to take up 2/3.

    Its been a pain of some netbook users but other than that it shouldn't be an issue for most.

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