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Windows 8 Thread, windows 8 - dislike or like in Technical; Originally Posted by sted like: hyper v on desktop os (though it borked my vbox setup) Set a boot option ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sted View Post
    like: hyper v on desktop os (though it borked my vbox setup)
    Set a boot option to disable hypervisor

    Creating a "no hypervisor" boot entry - Ben Armstrong - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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    I was at first skeptical about it, but I've never been one to make a conclusion on something without giving it the benefit of doubt and actually TRYING it, so I put my first impression aside and took a look.

    I'm very glad I did. Absolutely love it, and what a bargain price to upgrade to it as well! I do agree that for some people who lack the benefit of a touch-screen monitor, it can be a little 'fiddly' to navigate on a normal desktop, but I've not really had any issues with it. The whole 'Apps' thing took a while to convince me that it 'fitted in' but I've grown to it there's definitely a lot of potential with it and I hope they work on that basis to enhance it further.

    I definitely think Windows 8 can be a lot more practical in schools, especially now that tablets are becoming more common. Just how I view at least - the only downside is that despite what some people will say, the way you work with Windows 8 is a lot different to Windows 7/XP (granted, most of the general bits are the same as Windows 7 but the whole Modern UI thing tends to sway people, from what I've noticed when showing them what it looks like.) - Unfortunately we live in a society where the majority of people cry the word "TRAINING" at almost anything new, what happened to the days of self-learning at home? I still do that now!

    Anyway, apart from that, TL-DR is that <welshaccent>I LOVE IT WITH A PASSION I DO LIKE!</welshaccent>

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHR1S View Post
    meh i just junked the vbox pcs and moved over to hyperv as long as i can test stuff i dont care if its vbox or hyperv for testing purposes makes no real odds to me

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