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Nope, it's a "Microsoft online services" account or ADFS federation. The only accounts that will have LiveIDs are legacy ones that already have SkyDrive.
So now we are 6 months down the line from the last post in this thread, most of us moved from live@edu to office 365, and and some of us having been dabbling with windows 8, are there any insights to how to install windows store apps en masse?

Ive just rolled out a number of win8 slates, Im keeping a single domain account for them so that there isnt the multi-user issue, but with the 5 devices per liveID im struggling to come up with enough liveIDs to install the apps one at a time on each slate.

question 1) Where do I get new liveIDs from now that live@Edu isnt making them.
q2) How can I install windows store apps on more than 5 devices at a time?