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Windows 8 Thread, Win 7 vs Wn 8 in Technical; Along with my other thread ive basically got to install a new network with computers. Has any used Windows 8 ...
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    Win 7 vs Wn 8

    Along with my other thread ive basically got to install a new network with computers.

    Has any used Windows 8 in a school and does it work? or should I stick to windows 7?


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    I would stick with 7. Windows 8 will more than likely drive people up the wall on a laptop/pc.

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    Yes it does work but I'd give it about six months or at least three before going all in. We have been using it to a limited extent and it works fine but there are still some rough edges that you need to negotiate. If anything there has touch screens Windows 8 for them, 7 is fine for desktops for the moment but I'd be looking at having the option to move to 8. It is quicker and more robust, just quite new for the moment.

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    I've installed it as a Dual Boot at home and starting to test various software on it
    One surprising result was my USB TV Tuner now works in Windows 8 x64 - when it didn't before in Win7 x64

    Jury is still out on the Start Screen though - and its a nightmare to control via an RDP window as you have about an area about 2x2 pixels wide to get the start screen or Charms popups to show - and unless you are full screen, the Windows Key shortcuts are of no use.

    The Dual Taskbar is good, but its a bit annoying if watching a video the other screen as it pops up whenever the mouse is moved on the other screen.

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    My user base had a hard enough time with going from Office 2003 to 2010. I could only imagine the fun Windows 8 would cause. As general rule of thumb I've always lived by is I let the first Service Pack come out before I deploy a new version of Windows in mass to the wild. Go ahead and build your image, let a few of your more experienced staff be guinea pigs, and test, test, test. It's a lot to take in.

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    Moving to Windows 8 Forum.

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