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Windows 7 Thread, Weird ID card problem! in Technical; Have a really strange problem with our Evolis Pebble4 ID badge printers Basically our student ID badge 'template' has a ...
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    Weird ID card problem!

    Have a really strange problem with our Evolis Pebble4 ID badge printers

    Basically our student ID badge 'template' has a section for a barcode, which is the student reference code but in barcode format (Using the 3of9 font). This has been installed on the PCs and when the badge is previewed on screen, the barcode is there.

    However, when printing the badge the barcode is replaced by a weird selection of characters (see image).

    Now the thing that is confusing me is I login as a user that has administrative rights to the workstations and the barcodes print fine without any further configuration!!

    So totally confused!IMG_0248 copy.jpg

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    I wonder if it could be a particular file used by the printer that only someone with admin rights can access. Is it possible to install as a non-admin user and see if that solves the problem?

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    Lightbulb Response to Barcode issue with Pebble Printer

    I might be able to help. Are you using the free eMedia software program that was included with the Pebble4 printer, or do you have a different program?

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