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Windows 7 Thread, Wireless connection after imaging in Technical; Morning. I have 150 netbooks that i need to re-image via WDS over the summer (Using Sysprep) can someone help ...
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    Wireless connection after imaging


    I have 150 netbooks that i need to re-image via WDS over the summer (Using Sysprep) can someone help me in that on the image i create i connect to the desired wireless and it is fine

    Once i re-image a netbook i always have to re-connect the wireless.


    just trying to save time?

    Many Thanks

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    We have an XML that *should* - if the laptop/netbook has wireless drivers and can find the network, it *should* automatically put in the network key and connect.

    I've never used it myself, though, since I have our key memorised.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <WLANProfile xmlns="http://www.microsoft.com/networking/WLAN/profile/v1">
    	<name>Wireless name</name>
    			<hex>Numbers. No idea how they're calculated.</hex>
    			<name>Wireless name</name>
    I didn't write this, so that's all the help I can give you. Maybe it points you in the right direction. Attach it to a batch file that runs on startup.
    netsh wlan add profile filename="XML Location" user=all
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    Have you joined then back to the network while they are plugged into the wired network so they pick up the gpo that deploys the wifi setting including the ssid and the key.


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    1. Connect to the wireless LAN and export the profile using:
    netsh wlan export profile folder="PATH_TO_FOLDER" name=PROFILENAME
    2. Store the profile in %WINDIR%\Setup\Scripts\wireless.xml

    3. Write this into SetupComplete.cmd and store it in the same folder as above:
    netsh wlan add profile filename="c:\Windows\Setup\Scripts\wireless.xml"
    SetupComplete.cmd is executed after system setup in a sysprep'd image.
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    The Hex section that Garacesh labelled "Numbers. No idea how they're calculated" is unique per profile name. So if you have a network called WIRELESS or WIRE-LESS for example, the Hex would be different.

    This is why you should manually create a wireless profile on Windows 7 then export the profile, make a few changes (as above) and then import via a Startup script. So long as an Ethernet cable is plugged in (which it should be for imaging) it should work fine.

    The only time it doesn't, is if Windows 7 doesn't have drivers for your wireless adapter. You'd have to install these manually and then reboot for the wireless profile to be copied/installed.

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    Does your wireless network use predefined keys or do they authenticate against a RADIUS server? If you use a RADIUS server you can define the network connection in group policy.

    Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Wireless Network (802.11) Policies

    I use this for our student netbooks and it works without a hitch.

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    there's a good thread here on how to do it
    Laptop Wireless setup through GPO

    Just thought I'd share this with you (I know its not GPO) but will help you set up wireless connection in a click if you copy the file to your laptop. I've just incorpoarted into my windows 7 image and it works a treat

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Originally Posted by eean
    I use the Wireless Setup Wizard on the control panel. This copies a exe and a ini file onto a pen drive. You can run it from a folder on the hard drive but you have to use the subst command to create a drive letter to that folder (to trick it). I made the following script. This is a .bat file that creates a temporary drive letter. Then it calls an AutoIt script file that automates all the OKs etc...
    Use on the end of our automated cd setup. It has never skipped a beat.

    Bat file here:

    @echo OFF
    ECHO Setup in progress. Please do not touch.

    REM This script runs the windows xp wireless setup wizard.

    REM This 'maps' the t: drive to c:\windows\setuptemp\03_setupwireless
    SUBST T: %SystemRoot%\SetupTemp\03_SetupWireless

    ECHO Installing Wireless Network

    REM Start the Windows Wireless setup wizard.
    START /W %systemroot%\SetupTemp\Autoit3.exe %systemroot%\SetupTemp\03_SetupWireless\Setup.au3A uto it file here:

    ;This script automates the instillation windows wireless setup wizard
    Splashtexton("Setup", "Setting up wireless connection. Please do not touch.", 500, 100)

    ;Prevent user sending any keystrokes

    Run ("t:\setupSNK.exe")

    WinWait ("Wireless Network Setup Wizard", "Do you want to add")

    Send ("{ENTER}")

    WinWaitClose ("Wireless Network Setup Wizard", "Do you want to add")

    WinWait ("Wireless Network Setup Wizard")

    Send ("{ENTER}")

    ;Allow Keystrokes to be sent by user
    BlockInput(0)You need to put the bat file and autoit3.exe in c:\windows\setuptemp.
    You need to put the autoit script and setupsnk.exe and all the other wireless setup files in c:\windows\setuptemp\03_setupwireless
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    You can set all the above up and copy into your image if using MDT / WDS with a shortcut at thr root of c pointing to the batch file, then deploy image when the machine filres up run the batch file and voila done :-)
    Contact me if my instructions are not clear enough

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