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Windows 7 Thread, Send To... List truncating! in Technical; Hi folks, Moving to Win 7 over the summer, nearly everything sorted, but we have come across a small problem. ...
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    Send To... List truncating!

    Hi folks,

    Moving to Win 7 over the summer, nearly everything sorted, but we have come across a small problem.
    With XP, we used the Send To file list, which I populated in the mandatory profiles to list a number of hidden shares on a server which students could use in a 'ballot box' scenario.
    This way, students could easily send teachers files, without accessing said hidden shares.

    Come to repeat the process on Win 7, and although it is possible, it is much harder, and the list truncates (we have 120 teachers here, and they all want a Work Hand In Folder!)

    I did look at assignments on Moodle, but there was no easy way to 'manage' individual files (say deleting some of them), you could delete all of them, or delete the entire assignement, neither of which is very helpful.

    Any other ideas, (I guess email is the last resort, but I was hoping not to have to build a new mail server over the summer, what with everything else we have to do!)

    Thanks for any advice

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    As an alternative you could map a share for handing in homework or map a drive and have a folder in it for each teacher.

    Set the permissions on each folder so the teacher has modify and the students (or security group for a particular class) can list folder\read data and create files but not delete \ execute or modify them, if the student needs to submit another version they will need to give it another name.

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