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Windows 7 Thread, Can I prestage the offline files CSC cache, and local outlook data before a user logs in Technical; Currently when a user comes in to my office to collect their new or reimaged win 7 laptop, I have ...
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    Can I prestage the offline files CSC cache, and local outlook data before a user logs

    Currently when a user comes in to my office to collect their new or reimaged win 7 laptop, I have to get them to log on and come back after 15 minutes once offline files and outlook have had time to load their local caches - >30GB for some users. It's better to do this on the workshop GbE network than put load on the wifi for hours, or go out of reception with an incomplete cache.

    It is a bit of a hassle though, so is there a way of prestaging this - a command that could run from an admin account to copy another user's CSC cache and/or set up their outlook profile.

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    I haven't found one yet, would be a useful feature though. Does it work ok with user areas that big? How big is your back end storage!!! Lol

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    30GB, you should try it with over 100GB, you need GBit net for that.

    We tend to just change the users password and log on as them to sync the large ones. I am pretty sure that you can't just dump them all into the CSC file structure as it needs to create its DB, I'm not sure if that DB is portable and transportable between laptops either. A command like that would be really handy though.

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    I concur with Synack. Window 7 Offline files is designed to be completely transparent to the end user - and so does not present particularly useful interfaces. It is designed ot cache files that the user is accessing, thus you need to be in the context of the end user for them to be set up.

    That said Offline Files as shipped in Windows 7 SP1 is a DISASTER. Absolutely not fit for purpose, which is a bit of an issue if you still use fileshares. (and who doesn't?!)

    I note that the Latest CSC and TCPIP hotfixes are out. I'd recommend them above versions that shipped in sp1. Amusingly they have had to ammend their component version numbering documentation as there have been over 1000 builds of these components since SP1!

    The descriptions may not lead you to suspect that they will solve problems you may encounter, but trust me. They will.

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    As for OLK, you can only do this by logging onto the OLK client, can't prestage this.

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