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Windows 7 Thread, windows 7 mandatory profile size in Technical; Hi all I am just putting the final touches to our windows 7 mandatory profile ready for september but the ...
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    windows 7 mandatory profile size

    Hi all

    I am just putting the final touches to our windows 7 mandatory profile ready for september but the profile size is massive, i have managed to reduce it to 30mb but this is still too large our current windows xp profile size is about 5-6mb the lowest i can get our win7 profile to is 15mb but this still appears to big, our ntuser.man file is almost 8mb, anybody have any ideas what i can do to reduce it further. We use all redirected desktops start menus etc... and we use a lot of gpo's for settings


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    If you're doing everything with GPO, that is a humongous profile. Our XP profile is 1.4MB and Windows 7 is 2.4MB, still bigger than I'd like. It sounds like you have a huge amount of extra stuff in there, and your NTUSER shouldn't need to be bigger than 1MB.

    Can you Treesize the profile to see where all the size is coming from?

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    This is mine:
    Mandatory profile on the network: exactly 1mb
    Mandatory profile once loaded on to a machine and loaded policies etc: 16.7mb

    Have you copied in all the loaded policies with your profile? 15mb is far too big for the mandatory profile on the network.

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    Run Windirstat on your initial mandatory profile and you'll see where it gets loaded up with crud from MS Office etc. Make a copy and remove various elements to get the size down; most are created automatically on first logon anyway so don't need to be bogging down the profile.

    I'd also stick with the sysprep method if you can, better to stick with the supported method imo (use a VM and it becomes a lot less painful as you can revert snapshots before sysprepping)
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