I created a new folder name Printer Test. Then created 12 word documents using Microsoft Word 2010. All files are docx. The files are named 1-12. Each has the corresponding file name typed on the page. So when you open 1.docx you will see the number 1, open 2.docx and you see the number 2 and so forth.

I open the Printer Test folder containing the 12 word documents. I select all 12 files and hit print, but only 10 files print. I have done this multiple times on two different computers and when selecting 12, 11, or 10 files it never prints all the files. Normally it skips two files sometimes just one file is skipped. The files it skips is random. If I select 9 or less files they all get printed.

If I open the See Whats Printing Box and drag and drop all 12 files into the box and they all print.

Both computers are brand new (less than one week old). Both are using Windows 7 64 bit. Both are using Microsoft Office 2010. Both are printing to a Xerox Phaser 8560 printer. I have tested this via network printing and local printing on both machines.