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Windows 7 Thread, D Drive permissions in Technical; Hi everyone, we have a lot of students here studying media and photography as a result of which they created ...
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    D Drive permissions

    Hi everyone, we have a lot of students here studying media and photography as a result of which they created very large temporary files. We block pupild access heree to the c: drive, however we have partitioned the system dribve into c: and D: and created a folder on the d: drive called media. This is copied from a network location, so that we can modify a single point, and contains empty copies of the pupils homespaces for them to store their temp files in.
    Periodically, probably every half term i would like to run a batch files which quick formats the d: drive then recreates the homespaces.
    I have created this batch file which works perfectly.

    format d: /v:Media /fs:NTFS /x /q /y
    robocopy /E /COPYSO \\server\ddrive\ d:\

    However, the quick format resets the permissions on the root of the d: drive back to "authenticated users full access". I want it to be pupils-read only, staff-read/write, administrators-full control.

    i have been looking at icacls, but i cant work out how to get it to set drive permissions, only file and folder ones.

    Can anyone help.


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    icacls d:\ /remove:g "authenticated users" /t

    [that's: icacls d : \ /remove : g "authenticated users" /t since the colons'll get changed into smilies]

    Then you can change the permissions onto any other subfolders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by User3204 View Post
    the colons'll get changed into smilies
    That's what the CODE tags are for.

    icacls d:\ /remove:g "authenticated users" /t
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