Im getting really confused with all this and Ive got copies of all my files all over the shop. I'm never gonna lose a file (touch wood) but what with local profiles, offline files, and now skydrive, I cant help but feel like Ive always got 3 copies of the same stuff on the local machine.

I have the following setup:

c:\users\username\documents is redirected to \\staffserv\username\docs\

but also offline files is enabled so anything in that file is cached in the c:\windows\whereveroffflinefilesaresaved

I also have the official app from skydrive installed, which makes c:\username\skydrive\documents available to my skydrive

So I copied everyting from c:\users\username\documents to c:\username\skydrive\documents and it synced with the skydrive and they are now available online, but they are now also on another PC i installed the skydrive app on.

So am I right in thinking that Ive now got 3 copies of the same files (redirected to the server, local copy of offline files, and in the skydrive folder as well) (not to mention then replicated to any other computer I have the skydrive app installed on?

This is going to become a concern when I have 25GB of skydrive files and forget when I am connected via a 3G connection with limited data, or overseas etc.

Is there an easy way to manage all these levels of sync?