Desktop PC using windows xp: photos in ‘My pictures’ folder.

Laptop Acer using windows 7 again ‘My pictures’ folder.

Last year , even though it was time consuming, decided it was time to sort three years of France photography and created on the desktop a folder named ‘France 2009-11’ covering the three yrs. I transferred the 2011 photos from the camcorder SD card adding to the existing lot and sorted all to subfolders relating to the town and yr taken, then burned the ‘France’ folder to a DVD fine no problems.
Last week decided to copy, obviously using the ‘copy command’, the folder from DVD to my laptop and noted when switching to ‘My pictures’ on the laptop the folder had a green dot with white check mark. I opened the folder and all the subfolders therein had the same green dot with white check mark on it, as have the photo’s within the subfolders.... I have noticed same on other un-related folders there is a blue dot with white circle on it, and a couple of photo’s with a red dot and white x in it these marks are bottom left. I cannot find information anywhere as to their meaning.
I should add I also have ‘Picasa 3 ’ online personal photo storage where I can also view them and allow family and friends access by giving folder name so it saves me the hassle of emailing many photo’s.
Just for the record the camcorder stills from the SD card transfered into a screen display called zoombrowser.
I will also say I know nothing about computers except very, very basic operation.

Many thanks in anticipation.