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Windows 7 Thread, Exam User Account in Technical; Originally Posted by Danp Exactly how we do it Same here. Until Spring this year we were using re-purposed laptops ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danp View Post
    Exactly how we do it
    Same here. Until Spring this year we were using re-purposed laptops but as there was no budget to cover these they were old and 'cranky' We also found the we did not have enough to cover the students who were given dispensation to use a computer rather than hand writing the script. All going well so far...

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    Kind of odd that it can't be on the network at all as that can really be the best way to lock it down using GPOs. I have had to set this up several times this year (just used it last week actually) and I just setup a ResctricedApplications OU and set it up so that only WordPad.exe can be used. That way, they are unable to open up even a text file, let alone any browser to get on the internet. You can find the GPO setting under

    User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Run only specified Windows applications. Then just set WordPad.exe as the application. Works great here for our students.

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    For our controlled assessment users, they have a different user on our RM system that is highly restricted, (no internet, no shared areas, no removable drives etc) and that only gives them Wordpad and Jarte (FREE Word Processor Based on Microsoft's WordPad Engine)

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