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Windows 7 Thread, Anybody know of freeware image converter that crops, resizes and can do batch files? in Technical; Could try the force.......
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    Could try the force....

  2. Thanks to edutech4schools from:

    SimpleSi (21st March 2012)

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    This one Quick Image Resizer - Resize your digital photos and JPEG images is not free but it's cheap and it seems to be as easy as you can make such a simple operation.

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    When I suggested imagemagik, I was thinking a batch script around 'convert' - which could just do the job on a pre-specified folder and output to a different one, so you could tell the users "put pics here, click button, look over there".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSi View Post
    I think he needs the app that scans a cd, finds the images, works out where the head is and guesses what size to reduce it to and automatically matches up to the correct pupil in SIMS

    Need an app which is simple enough to take passport style photos from webcam for a secure SIMS like ID card system.

    Office staff are claiming that the act of taking photo and cropping/resizing (if needed) is far too complicated, and a technician should be taking the photos, (and preferably doing the data entry too).

    If there's a paid app that does this, then that might be an option.

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