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Windows 7 Thread, Group Policy Preferences - Printers - I finally give up.. back to a script.... in Technical; We use GPP 's I apply a User Policy to the computers OU as like Davep's screenshot above. I then ...
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    We use GPP's I apply a User Policy to the computers OU as like Davep's screenshot above. I then Apply User Group Policy Loopback processing set to Merge to apply the policys to users while they are on that PC so that it changes per room.

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    I use it as well here with over 35 printers in 1 policy. The way i have it i setup is at the User level. I then do a "Itemlevel as Target" (not sure what the english translation is, got a Dutch server setup here).

    I check to see if the computer the user is logging on too is part of a certain security group. That way i can give a computer multiple printers. An example below:

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3s-gtech View Post
    I'd honestly say it adds nothing noticeable to our logins, which are 20 seconds maximum, and down to 10 or so on second login (super mandatory profiles). Not sure what is different with our system - 2008 R1 VM print server.
    I suspect that is why mine is running slow as I have not quite mastered mandatory profiles.


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    I think all printers set-ups using gpp or gpo works much better with mandatory profiles - don't have them here YET! Work in progress.

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    GPP seems to be working OK on my test machines this far, adds about 10-20 seconds to login times with mandatory profiles (MS sysprep methods) as far as I can tell (using HP UPD driver). Printers on a 2008 R2 VM with x86 drivers added on. We apply it as a User Policy but looking at the Computer's OU to find which printer to set as default.
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