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Windows 7 Thread, Stop Screen Saver on specific machines in Technical; I am sure I have done this before, but can not recall how... I know it involves loop back etc ...
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    Stop Screen Saver on specific machines

    I am sure I have done this before, but can not recall how...

    I know it involves loop back etc but anybody got a guide on it.

    All I want to do is make sure that my Whiteboard machines and plasma screens do not screen lock after 10 minutes

    But still enforce the normal 10 minute lock on all other machines, (I know its a user preference)

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    Put the computers in different ous and apply a disabled screen saver gpo see Disable screensaver group policy with a loopback this should apply the user settings to the machine. Dont forget to the the policy to merge http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/l...=ws.10%29.aspx

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