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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 Sync Center - Possible Permission Problems? in Technical; On a 2008 R2 Domain, When a teacher user logs onto a windows 7 workstation, they get an icon in ...
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    Windows 7 Sync Center - Possible Permission Problems?

    On a 2008 R2 Domain, When a teacher user logs onto a windows 7 workstation, they get an icon in the task bar for Sync Center.

    If they click on this, in folders it shows offline files which the users can double click on which then shows the users share:
    users (\\servername)

    Which you can then double click on and browse the users shares and folder structure and open the files of other users which is a security problem and shows something somewhere is not configured correctly.

    The root of the users share on the server has security permissions set for:
    Authenticated Users (Full Control) (I had to add this to get Office 2003 working correctly and stop displaying errors)
    SYSTEM (Full Control)
    Administrator (Full Control)
    Administrators (Full Control)

    And on the individual user folders each user has full control to their own folder.

    Can anyone help explain why teachers can browse and access other users folders in this way?

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    Is the authenticated users permission for "this folder only" or is it on "sub folders and files"? It looks to me that's the problem.

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    I agree, Authenticated Users is the problem. They've logged in, hence authenticated and because the rights are Full Control this is why they can browse folders.

    Thinking about it though, what are the permissions on staff home areas? It should only list the user in question and Domain Administrators typically. This would then lock everyone else out as it should be.

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