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Windows 7 Thread, LogMeIn Pro vs LogMeIn Free in Technical; Are there any 'killer' features in LogMeInPro that aren't in LogMeInFree? I've been trying to find out but more difficult ...
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    LogMeIn Pro vs LogMeIn Free

    Are there any 'killer' features in LogMeInPro that aren't in LogMeInFree? I've been trying to find out but more difficult than it sounds!

    Basically on my days off / when I'm sick I would like to leave my office PC running just in case there is an emergency that nobody else can resolve and wondering if it worth getting the college to shell out for a yearly Pro license or just to stick to the free one...

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    Pro is more secure. Don't they have a VPN solution?

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    I only pay for one Pro license... My other server is on free.

    I hardly ever use the free one as I can do virtually everything via the server with the paid version.

    If you pay, you have the file manager and can down/upload files which is useful... But my shares mean I don't need this on both servers... I can get to the shares from the pro one.

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    I have the paid for solution on my Forest Server - then use the free version on the others.

    As @elsiegee40 pointed out, I mainly use the paid for version for file transfer, I think it also syncs up local printers as well but dont use that feature.

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