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Windows 7 Thread, User Accounts and SSID's in Technical; Hi All, require abit of help. In our main hall we have a laptop thats connected to a projector for ...
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    User Accounts and SSID's

    Hi All, require abit of help.

    In our main hall we have a laptop thats connected to a projector for showing presentations for assemblies and all sorts like that. In the past it has been linked to the network via a network cable and through the system like normal. If a member of the school wanted to log on to the laptop they could log on to the domain with access My Documents, Networked drives and the internet. If a Vicar or someone from outside school came to give a presentation they could log onto the laptop locally and be unable to see our network but also have no internet access. We have now installed a Wireless AP in the main hall which broadcasts 2 SSID's with different Vlan's. One SSID called School can be used to access our network and the other SSID is used for guests which is unable to access the network but has internet access.

    We need the users logging on to the Domain to automatically use the School SSID so they have access to the shared network drives etc. If someone comes from ouside the school and logs onto this laptop locally we need them to be unable to log onto School SSID but automatically log onto the guest SSID so thay can have access to the internet but unable to access the Domain for data protection and all that. Whether this can be done in the registry or a piece of software needs to be used we dont mind.

    Hope this makes sence, thanks in advance

    Just to add its a Windows 7 Dell Latitude D620.
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    have one ssid

    and create an account on the network with no mapped drives etc

    also add a group policy to enable disable proxy settings for that user if required
    as long as your security settings are in place you should have no problems.

    a bit too complicated to use the 2 ssids i would expect

    keep it simple

    or even dual boot as another option but a bit over the top
    2 pence worth
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