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Windows 7 Thread, Painfully slow copy times... in Technical; I've done a bit of browsing on other sources and forums, Technet etc and have found loads of people suffering ...
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    Painfully slow copy times...

    I've done a bit of browsing on other sources and forums, Technet etc and have found loads of people suffering with the same issue, but no definitive way to fix/improve it so I thought I'd give here a try.

    Basically I have two Windows 7 machines on a local network. One connect up directly to my router with a 1Gbps connection and another on N-Range wireless connected at 200Mbps. I also have a NAS connected up to my router with a 1Gbps connection. When I transfer files between the Windows 7 wi-fi PC and the NAS, I get a transfer rate of about 4Mbps, and about 6-7Mbps between the wired PC and NAS.

    If I transfer files between the two Windows 7 machines, the transfer rate is awful and can vary from 150Kbps to 1Mbps. I've tried lots of various things like disabling wifi/AV, playing around with the network adaptor settings, disabling IPv6, disabling RDP, disabled Remote Differential Compression etc. (Basically, most suggestions in this thread http://social.technet.microsoft.com/...7-0ecb831c8575 have been tried).

    Has anyone come across this and managed to find any way to improve transfer performance at all?

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    hmm, looks like you got a bottleneck some where in your network.

    Their can be many factors. A router is mostly used for routing from network to another. I find a switch is best device when doing these operations unless you jumping from one sub-net network to another.

    Here are some things you can try
    1) Check the physical LAN win 7 PC connection speed.
    2) Check the wireless LAN win 7 PC wireless connection speed.
    3) What kind of router you are using.
    4) Have you tried having both win 7 on a physical connection than wireless.
    5) Have you tried using a switch with this configuration
    A) Connect the internet router to the switch. (If needed)
    B) Connect wireless router to the switch.
    C) Connect win 7 PC to the switch.
    D) Connect NAS to the switch.
    6) Check if their any load balancing on any device or computer
    7) Check if their is any QoS.
    8) Check your router configuration settings.
    9) Swap ports with win 7 PC with the NAS.

    These are list of stuff I can come up a the time. If one of these h

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