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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 - Offline files? in Technical; Hi all, Our Windows 7 Suite is finally live! We have 31 computer's but random computers have been having minor ...
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    Windows 7 - Offline files?

    Hi all,

    Our Windows 7 Suite is finally live!

    We have 31 computer's but random computers have been having minor issues. Every now and again students file's will appear grayed out with a red cross over the icon? If I go to the files destination on my PC I can see the file's there & everything look's fine but when they login the files are gray and appear missing when you try to load them.

    Any ideas?


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    Your computer has gone into offline mode. Either because the user has clicked 'work offline', or the latency between client and server exceeds 80ms, or because the client has genuinely lost connection to the server.

    The files that are not greyed out have been opened recently and cached. The files that are greyed out have not been cached.

    A great explanation on this technet blog:
    How the synchronization in Windows 7 Offline Files works - Romania Networking Team Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

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    This seems to tie in to the thread I recently started where some of our Windows 7 machines have also been having this issue. It seems to me that this is one of those PITA issues that has arrived with Windows 7 that makes users want to revert to XP! Deleting Local profiles seems to be doing the trick with our machines but what a flipping pain!!

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