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Windows 7 Thread, adobe reader missing off a few pc's in Technical; We build images with adobe reader in and then deploy it also to those that need updating. We are getting ...
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    adobe reader missing off a few pc's

    We build images with adobe reader in and then deploy it also to those that need updating.
    We are getting a few issues coming in on the helpdesk saying adobe reader is missing.

    When we look at add remove. its been stripped off.

    One theory is its a posible windows update thats done it.

    Has any one had this issue.

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    Does your deploy routine explicitly remove any old instances of Adobe Reader, or does it let the Adobe Reader .msi handle it?

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    Windows update shouldn’t touch any apps but unless you have disabled it adobes update might uninstall it when they release a patch / new version.

    If the PC is switched off part way through an install or an upgrade fails it could leave the PC without a working copy of acrobat reader regardless of whether its adobes updater trying to upgrade the software or you pushing out an update via AD.

    I would either deploy it (like we do) via AD or put it on the base image I wouldn’t do both it just confuses things. Our base images only contain the bare min i.e. OS, drivers and DVD software everything else is pushed out via AD, yes it takes a bit longer to prep a system but there is no messing around uninstalling old versions of apps etc…

    Other things to look out for would be any software that has bundled an acrobat reader installation with its software or could someone simply have forgotten to include acrobat reader on one of your base images?

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    If you do am rsop.msc on the broken machine it will show you if you have any group polict errors like gpo programs that have not installed.

    You could have a old msi that has been stuck or could not be removed so the new one can go on.

    Remove the program and if that does not work on xp try and windows clean up tool to remove the program and see if the gpo will then install the program. Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility Free - Remove Windows Installer configuration information on failed installs - Softpedia

    Note this is for use with xp only

    This might also also help Problems uninstalling Adobe Reader


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