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Windows 7 Thread, Windows 7 Profile Issue in Technical; Hi All, Hope somebody can help with the following issue. At our school we have Server 2008 R2 and Win ...
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    Windows 7 Profile Issue

    Hi All,

    Hope somebody can help with the following issue.

    At our school we have Server 2008 R2 and Win 7 clients. All the staff use the same mandatory .V2 profile. Every now and then we will get called out to a PC where Windows 7 has logged the teacher in with a TEMP profile instead of their mandatory profile. The only way to then enable the teacher to logon correctly is to restart the PC, login as administrator, go into regedit, then delete any keys that have their SSID in, HKEY Local Machine-Software-Microsoft-Windows NT-Current Version-Profile List. Then lastly go into C:\Users and delete any profile with their username on.

    Once this is done the teacher can login fine. The wierd thing is that this issue keeps reoccuring randomly with different users on different PC's.

    I have also tried completely deleting the user out of sctive directory and recreating them but still the issue will reoccur again.

    Please can anyone help?

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    I'd try login as local admin, delete local profile via Right Click 'Computer > Advanced system settings > User Profiles and delete profile. If it errors and says directory not empty then go to c:\users and delete their folder. This recently worked for me.

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    You could also implement the
    Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon GPO
    Administrative Template: System
    Policy Node: MACHINE
    Policy Path: Administrative Templates\System\Logon

    that should prevent temp profiles from being created...

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