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Windows 7 Thread, W7 and smartboard firmware in Technical; Ive got an SB580 board that refuses to stay aligned !!! Ive done all of the other stuff and am ...
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    W7 and smartboard firmware

    Ive got an SB580 board that refuses to stay aligned !!! Ive done all of the other stuff and am now down to upgrading the firmware ... when I run the wizard it says detecting hardware and then states that there is no whiteboard connected !! The light on the whiteboard turns from green to red ... Its a serial connector with a usb converter and runs OK other than the alignment problems ... Does anybody have any ideas how I can (or indeed if I can) upgrade the firmware to possibly sort out the problem

    Thanks in advance ...

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    I'm not sure a firmware upgrade will resolve the issue. I had one similar last year that was serial connected. It would loose alignment after a couple of days and then would loose all touch capabilities in the bottom left. It may just be the controller on the back of the board that is packing up!

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