Hi All, I'm having an odd new issue with WMP on Window 7. I've been ripping my CD's to MP3 on my PC and they all appear fine, occasionally I need to manually search for the CD info album cover etc.
The issue I'm having is that when I move the MP3's to my netbook they don't always appear in Media Player on there. Some albums appear in the library but some don't even after I've played them. All albums are in the 'Music' folder in separate folders. I'm thinking that it can't locate the album info online so doesn't show the info BUT they used to appear as a blank album that I could right click and add cover art etc but they aren't even appearing as that now.

Any ideas? Is there a way to import folders of MP3's.

I've looked at a few threads online but they all seem to talk about re-importing the Db and ripping CD's not importing folders of MP3's.