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Windows 7 Thread, Deploying Hotfixes in Technical; I've downloaded a hotfix from MS, and tested it on my PC and hot-dog it solves a problem we've been ...
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    Deploying Hotfixes

    I've downloaded a hotfix from MS, and tested it on my PC and hot-dog it solves a problem we've been having really nicely!

    (KB Article Number: 2525332 BTW Fixes a looong login problem we're having with windows 7)

    So how can I deploy it? Any tips?

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    You can deploy a hotfix using this example command:

    \\SERVERNAME\SHARE\Windows6.1-KB12345678-x86.msu /quiet /norestart
    The better option is to look at WSUS here

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    WSUS is all well and good, but in my experience most fixes that Microsoft publish as hotfixes (the ones for which you have to request an email with a link to get them) are not published on WSUS, even if you search the Microsoft Update Catalog.

    KB2525332 is one of them, so having WSUS alone is no good.

    However, if you also use Local Update Publisher in conjunction with WSUS, you can use this handy guide to add the update to your local WSUS server. There are some setup steps you'll need to do to get LUP working first, but they are well worth the time investment.

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