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Windows 7 Thread, "Group policy failed the logon" in Technical; Hi guys I have one user (and only one user) who is getting the above message whenever she attempts to ...
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    "Group policy failed the logon"

    Hi guys

    I have one user (and only one user) who is getting the above message whenever she attempts to log on to a PC. The logon then fails and she's stuck at the login screen. On one PC, I deleted her local profile and she was then able to log in, but only with a temporary profile.

    I've done some furious Googling, but most of the solutions I've found online deal with roaming profiles, and we don't use them. There's nothing accidentally in her profile field on AD either.

    Short of deleting her as a user and creating her anew, I'm not sure what to do, and even if I did that I'm not sure it would work (would a machine join her to the local profile that already exists, or create a new one in the form user.DOMAIN?) We're using Windows 7 and Server 2008, if that helps.

    Help :s

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    when you deleted the profile did you just delete it from c:\ users? if so that does not work for windows 7, you need to right click on my computer and go to properties. On the advanced tab click settings next to user profiles. Find the profile causing issues left click and press delete. Then try log on again.

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